Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Fine First Attempt...

It was a perfectly lovely evening, for which I am so grateful, wonderful people and beautiful heartfelt music. Everything sounds better radiating across old fir floors.
When I go to hear someone play I love it when they tell stories, illuminate the melodies I've often already grown to love. Musicians tend to think that they make less sense than their lyrics when they open up in conversation - or perhaps feel a little naked when the magic multiplicity of possible meaning is removed as their hearts are revealed. Part of my dream for these nights is that they build community and support the artists in a personal way and it was so wonderful to be in the presence of the transparency of Brennan and Jenny, witnessing that the opportunity to be so was feeding them as it was blessing us.
The lighting was low and cozy - the room full of candles. Thusly I didn't get photos worth a darn, but here are a couple, though blurry, worth sharing.

Our next recital will feature Robert Deeble and a yet to be found second musician.
Here's Robert's website for you to check out in the meantime - mark May 22nd on your calendar and plan to share it with us!