Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Living Room Was Filled With Magic...

May 22 was an absolutely lovely evening.

Chef Brett, a friend of Roberts whom I'd never met, brought boxes of raw whole foods, fresh fish and home grown herbs and somehow transformed it all into a beautiful and nourishing meal in just over an hour. The website for Brett's Catering says simply what we absorbed through all of our intoxicated senses - "Food is a form of love." I highly recommend looking into using Brett if you're ever looking for a caterer.

It was wonderful to hear Aaron play - he gets the opportunity to so rarely. He had the opportunity to try a couple new songs and they were amazing. Robert's set was perfect - the way his bands instruments filled the space and the stories and images conjured up by voice within our walls - it was a gift.

I don't think we will have another Living Room Recital until fall -
I can't believe it's already been over a month and I have wished more than once that I could transport back to the last evening in a time machine. The time lapse between that night and this post illustrates the chaos that we tend to fall into during the summer months without the semblance of a schedule. Adding to the uncertainty - the future of our residence here is certain to end at an uncertain date. I hope that will be able to continue Living Room Recitals in the next home we're in or find a suitable home for it elsewhere. And last - this old house holds the summer heat on it's main floor, and though we don't have it now the sun could make it's appearance any time thereby making our living room an unpleasant place for 35 + bodies and amplifiers etc.

In the fall I hope for apple cider and a recital, see you then.