Monday, December 20, 2010

JANUARY 08, 2011
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Andy Fitts

Please join us for another Living Room Recital...

Saturday – Januray 8, 2011

The Sprinkle's living room @

2610 NE 65th St Seattle, WA 98115

An intimate performance:

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Andy Fitts

Admission is well worth $10

$7 of your $10 goes directly to the artists,

$3 goes to Childs Play, a charity for children’s hospitals.

More information about Childs Play

A guest list limited to 40 lucky guests will be created before the recital to ensure that we will have an appropriate number of folks. You may pay in advance using PayPal or you may pay when you arrive, but we do ask that you reserve a seat before the recital by emailing us. We will reply to confirm your place on the guest list and give you the information you need re: payment arrangements etc.

Please be sure to include the names of all attendees in your initial message.

Send An Email to Living Room Recitals

Please arrive at 7 PM for refreshments and company.

Beautiful music begins at 8 PM.

Looking forward to spending a lovely evening with you!

Aaron & Karina Sprinkle